Welcome to Reach Physiotherapy.  

Focusing on Neurological and paediatric physiotherapy.  



I have been working with people with neurological conditions for a decade and have learned a lot over that time about what people can achieve! I like to take a goals-based approach to better understand what drives a person and where they want to go, and then we work together to get there. I like to work with individuals both inside and outside of the clinic environment to first help develop their skill sets, and then go out and try them in real world. As with all of my services, we work one-on-one, so you have my full attention.


Sometimes children and teens need a little help from a physiotherapist. Whether your child needs a little extra help reaching their developmental milestones, has experienced an injury, or has a condition that requires more regular treatment, we can help. We work with people from birth to young adulthood and use a combination of hands-on treatment, exercise, and functional training to help your child reach their goals. Our sessions are all one-on-one with a physiotherapist and while we are with you and your child, you have 100% of our attention.


 We are dedicated to providing one-on-one physiotherapy sessions where the focus is on your goals, and where your physiotherapist is with you every step of the way.